What Is The Path To Equality And Why Should You Subscribe?

The Path to Equality is the newsletter of Mission Equality, a startup building a virtual university - the Equaliversity.

The goal? To create equality for everyone with a Master of Equality leadership development program (think an "equality MBA").

We're also modelling a new and decolonised approach to work with the way we’re building our company. We're passionate about what we're doing and we love to share what we're learning in the process, which is where this newsletter comes in.

What's Inside?

This newsletter is a must read if you:

  • Are a C-Suite or other leader eager to learn more about a different (and we think ‘better’) approach to leadership and work.

  • A DEI professional wanting to build equality into your organisation and needing a fresh approach. 

  • A People person looking to fix the broken bits of DEI to create something that works better for everyone in your organisation.

  • An aspiring leader (we believe everyone can be a leader) wondering what an equal world could look like and how to achieve it.

What You'll Get When You Subscribe

We publish three times a month:

As soon as you sign up for free, you’ll get access to all our public posts and the archive of free posts online. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. 

About The Team

Mission Equality team

We're a small team of highly motivated and committed people wanting to change the world. Mission Equality is co-founded by Lea Jovy-Ford and Sharon Hurley Hall. You can meet them and the rest of the team here.

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Decolonising work and paving a path to equality for everyone. We're building a virtual university to teach an Mx of Equality (an 'equality' MBA). Read about the why, what and how, as we build our own business based on true equality for everyone.


Mission Equality

Our goal is an equal world for everyone. We’re building the Equaliversity – a virtual university – and teach the Master of Equality program to decolonise education, leadership and business and develop the leaders we need for an equal future, today.

Becky Jovy-Ford

Queer, 40 something aspiring ally wanting to DO more to make the world a better place and learning ways to take more ACTION.

Sharon Hurley Hall 

I'm an anti-racism writer, activist and educator, sharing global perspectives on anti-racism and racism, including essays, interviews and personally curated tools and resources for fighting racism. Co-Founder of Mission Equality.


Co-founder & Guardian of Mission Equality