Introducing The Black Paper On Equality

We live in a very unequal world, but what if we could do it differently?

Our Black Paper on Equality sets out our assessment of how we got here, what equality could look like, and how we can get from the as-is to the to-be via an innovative approach to leadership development using education as an agent of change and built on anti-racism as a founding principle.

At Mission Equality, we focus both on empowering individuals and addressing systems that impact the collective. We use education as an agent of change to drive progress and empowerment for both individuals and organisations, facilitate community involvement to design and build a better future, and lead community action to fight inequity where we see it.

Here’s an excerpt from the summary:

“Meaningful change starts with the contribution of committed individuals - working on themselves and for themselves - while also for the collective good. At Mission Equality, that means we focus both on empowering individuals and addressing systems that impact the collective…

Our solutions include rethinking the frameworks and principles on which everything is grounded. We’ve created: 

  • The Equaliversity (a virtual university with a virtual campus being built upon a foundation of equality)

  • With an Mx in Equality - a leadership development program that works for individuals AND groups

  • An Equality Audit and Blueprint to help you assess where you are and what’s needed to get to equality - and we’re using our own company to model what a decolonised work experience is and could be, as the first blueprint of what equality looks like in community.

We’re working towards a world where our company will no longer be needed, because equality will be standard, and Mission Equality will be achieved! 

Want to learn more about our vision? You can read the Black Paper for free on our website!

When you’ve read it, we’d love to hear your thoughts…

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