Invest In Equality - Time Limited MxE Discount

Price goes up 1 June 2023

We’ve been working on our Mx of Equality since shortly after we launched the company, and the introductory module is almost ready for launch.

We think of the MxE an “Equality MBA” and a new way to approach leadership and business. We’re also proving many of those concepts, both in our own business, and in the companies we work with.

The MxE is designed to cultivate leadership skills for both now and the empower leaders to be the most progressive thinkers in the room, the safest colleagues to work with and the ones who'll have the greatest impact, across the board.

It’s a different kind of programme to equip people to be progressive thinkers, impactful action-takers and allies and accomplices to those who are most deliberately disadvantaged - in other words, to lead from a completely different paradigm.

Our experience in our company, using the techniques and frameworks we'll share, is that it completely changes the way people think about work and there are personal benefits, too.

Until now, we’ve been offering the MxE at a significant discount - 33% of the final price. That ends on 31 May 2023, which is why we’re sending this reminder. Check out the MxE below, and claim your spot - doors open in Q3!

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