The Three Steps On The Path To Equality

In today’s video, Mission Equality co-founder Lea Jovy shares the three steps we’ve defined that will pave a path to equality in the workplace for everyone.

The Three Steps On The Path To Equality Transcript

Hello, today I would like to talk more about the path to equality and the three steps that we have defined and outlined at Mission Equality that we believe are necessary, given the work we've done to date, to create a path to equality.

So Step 1 is creating a vision of equality and you'll have heard me talk a lot about the need to define what it is that we're working towards, what equality actually looks like, how it feels, how it functions for people - and to have a really clear vision of what we're actually aiming for so that we know when we're there, potentially, and also we know what we're heading towards.  Because without it,  what is it that we're actually aiming for?

Step 2 on the path to equality is equipping people with the skills, individually and collectively, to lead to and create equality for themselves and those around them. And what we've also found at Mission Equality is that - both within our own organization and the clients and organisations that we've supported - when you give people what they think they want and and a kind of an equal workplace and the flexibility and the freedom and all of the things that come with equality, they actually struggle to operate and thrive within that kind of environment. And so our goal is to create educational programmes which you'll find at the Equaliversity to equip people with the skills so that they can hone and practice the kinds of skills they need to both lead to equality, create equality around them for themselves and for others, and to also thrive and operate within an ecosystem of equality.

And step 3 is then building an ecosystem that facilitates and upholds m equality for both your organisation and those around you. So again we found that Mission Equality it's really difficult being like a little bubble of equality still operating with a system that is unequal and oppressive and harmful.  And so our goal is to to obviously expand the bubble that we've created for ourselves and create more bubbles and bigger bubbles so that eventually hopefully we can create a much bigger ecosystem of equality within which we can operate and other organisations can operate and we potentially then have a chance to create real significant change hopefully on a systemic level. 

So this change starts from within. It starts from the leadership of an organisation. It starts from everybody in an organisation being on the same page, understanding what equality looks like and what that vision of equality looks like and then also working individually and collectively on the skills to be able to create and thrive within equality and then expanding that outward so like ripples of change and ripples of impact that expand outwards so that more people get to experience equality and we can start to build systems of change and we start that from within.

Visit the Mission Equality and Equaliversity websites to see our vision for equality and the action we’re taking and supporting to bring an equal world into being.

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