Two Introverted Leaders Do Video

Lea and Sharon challenge each other to show up differently in promoting equality

Introverted leaders have a lot of strengths - wanting to be front and centre at all times is not one of them. So when Lea and I were in conversation one day, we talked about that issue, and the fact that video, for both of us, felt like the final frontier in showing up. And then, as so often happens, we decided to meet that challenge head on.

Today, I’m sharing our first two videos - if you watch them on Instagram, you’ll be able to see the captions.

Here, Lea begins a conversation on what equality looks like:

And in this video, I talk about how anti-racism fits in with equality:

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Since we did these, it’s kind of spiralled, and each of us has done several videos talking about different aspects of our work and our mission at Mission Equality. We’ll share more of those here in the coming weeks.

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