Welcome To The Path to Equality

If you’re getting this email, it’s because you recently supported our IndieGoGo campaign or took part in a competition to win membership of our community.

We’ve set up this newsletter to keep things streamlined and keep you in the loop with what’s happening at Diverse Leaders Group.

The newsletter is called The Path to Equality, because equality is our mission at DLG. There are two main ways we’re walking towards it:

  1. With a Master of Equality leadership development program (here’s a preview of the ME in Antiracism and Allyship to the Global Majority)

  2. By modelling a decolonised approach to work at our own company. Follow Lea Jovy-Ford or Sharon Hurley Hall on LinkedIn to see what we’ve shared about this journey so far.

We believe everyone can be a leader, and so this newsletter isn’t just about what the co-founders have to say…

We’re also featuring perspectives from the team (see Global Majority Voices)  and from our campaign leader, Becky, about her personal journey with anti-racism, which is a core value for DLG, as a white woman. Check out the Fragile White Female column for those articles. We publish approximately three times a month.

Since we launched in June, we’ve come to realise that there are four groups of people who are particularly interested in what we’re building:

  1. C-Suite or other leaders eager to learn more about a different (and we think ‘better’) approach to leadership and work.

  2. DEI professionals wanting to build equality into their organisations and needing a fresh approach. 

  3. People people looking to fix the broken bits of DEI to create something that works better for everyone in their organisations.

  4. Aspiring leaders (we believe everyone can be a leader) wondering what an equal world could look like and how to achieve it.

Our team is highly motivated and committed to changing the world so it works better - equally - for everyone, and developing leaders who can spearhead that change is one way to do it.

We hope you’ll stay for the ride…

Lea and Sharon

Co-Founders, Diverse Leaders Group

P.S. Know anyone else who’d be interested in following along? Feel free to share this with them.

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