5 Questions We Ask In The MxE In Business & Leadership

We recently shared  some of the starter questions for the Mx of Equality (MxE) in Business and Leadership. Over the coming weeks and months, we plan to share more.

Some of you might be wondering why. After all, this is our core programme and one way the company will make money, so why are we sharing the content in public, on social media?

For us, the answer is clear and simple.

Because there’s more at stake than our ability to make money. 

We always think long term, and our larger purpose is encouraging more equality, everywhere. 

So we want everyone to be asking the right questions and coming up with answers that work for them.  That’s why we share our content, our frameworks, our paradigm shifts and more. 

MxE Starting Points

White text on a black background reading “How much work trauma are you carrying? " Below that are the Mission Equality rainbow shield logo and the Equaliversity shield logo, which is blue with white letters and a rainbow infinity symbol. At the bottom is the following URL: https://equaliversity.com/mx-of-equality/

So here’s where we start with our MxE in Business & Leadership, the programme that addresses the fact that work isn’t working for most of us, and helps participants make the shifts in thinking that will help them create more equal workplaces and organisational cultures. 

A lot of education starts with telling you the things “they” think you need to know. At Mission Equality, we often start by asking questions … to draw out what people already know, even if they haven’t fully realised it yet. After all, if we’re going to use education as an agent of change - which we definitely are - we need to know where we are, then think about where we’re going and how to get there. 

So for us, the starting point for the MxE in Business & Leadership means teasing out what our students’ (and often our own)  real experience of work has been to date. When we acknowledge the harm that’s been done to us in many workplaces and work experiences, we know what to avoid as we design workplaces that are more equal and work better for all.

Here are the five questions we ask students right at the beginning of the MxE in Business and Leadership.

  1. Are you 100% happy with your experience of ‘work’ up until this point in your life?

  2. How much work trauma are you carrying?

  3. How exhausted do you feel? 

  4. How safe do you feel at work? 

  5. How safe and secure does your future feel?

These questions lead to rich discussions in our live sessions and our student chat. 

How would you answer them for yourself? What would an equal workplace look like for you? And what would it look like to be happy, trauma free, full of vitality and safe at work, with a secure future?

What You Get In The MxE

The MxE in Business & Leadership  is a world-first leadership development programme for people committed to creating and leading workplaces that provide equality for all, from a different paradigm of leadership – one of trust and freedom, not power and control.

Our experience shows that asking the right questions is only the start. Many people need guidance and a space to explore what the answers look like for them. With a cohort chat where students can be in community with others on the same journey, live virtual office hours and live virtual discussion sessions facilitated by Mission Equality’s co-founder, Lea Jovy-Ford, that’s exactly what we provide. 

The MxE is at a 50% discount till the end of 2023. Join our January cohort so you, too, can make your workplaces, organisations and communities more equal. 

Learn more about the programme below.

And if you have questions about it, talk to us!

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