Are We “On The Wrong Side Of History”? We Most Definitely Aren’t!

We’ve recently discovered that there are whispers going round about both our company and the three guardians individually, questioning whether our stance on Palestine means we’re “on the wrong side of history”.

Given our commitment to equality, anti-racism and fighting oppression, we take this accusation and allegation very seriously indeed so let us be clear…genocide is never and can never be OK. 

Here’s what we said in our recent statement:

“Being pro Palestinian liberation is not antisemitism. Being against the death of innocent Jewish people is not Islamophobia. We explicitly reject both Islamophobia AND antisemitism. And we can, and do, mourn with all those who are experiencing loss, whether they are Muslim, Jewish, Palestinian or Israeli.

In all this, there's one thing that isn't complicated at all: genocide is never ok.

And the narrative that values some people over others because of skin colour, religion and other ways of divorcing us from our humanity has to be rejected.”

It is true that Lea and I have not posted as often on LinkedIn as we normally do. This is for two reasons - our own personal capacity, which I posted about recently - and also because our voices are not the ones that need to be heard most at this time. If you look at our activity, you’ll see we have been amplifying others’ voices on this matter, just as we do for deliberately disadvantaged folx in other situations.

Our stance has been and will remain consistent and will not change.

As to the source of the whispers? We’ve been dealing with a situation with complex racial power dynamics which have not been in our favour. We’ll be writing more about the harmful tactics used against us - of which the whispers are just one example - soon.

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