Clarifying Our Mission - Website Update

This week, we’d like to showcase our updated website, which is super clear about our mission and how we plan to achieve it.

Our mission is solving inequality, discrimination, oppression and harm – and an unsustainable way of living and working – by building an alternative ecosystem to capitalism, that we call Equalism.

And there’s a three-step process to follow:

  1. Create a vision of equality - we’ve done that with our Black Paper on Equalism. It’s not the only possible vision; it’s OUR vision - offered as a starting point for envisioning what equality looks like for you.

  2. Equip people to lead to equality - we’re doing that by building progressive programmes to help you hone the skills you need to lead to & thrive in an equal world. You can see what’s already built and what’s coming at our Equaliversity

  3. Build an ecosystem of equality - our vision for this is equality alliances, and we’re working on creating the prototype now!

We’d love to talk to you about using progressive education as a driver of change, and how we support startups, non-profits and forward-thinking organisations to create equality at all levels – individually, collectively and systemically. If you’re interested in getting our programmes into your organisation, starting with your most senior leaders, then reply to this email and let’s talk.

You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, where we’ll be releasing more details of our plans soon.

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