How We Work (And Who We Work With)

Given our mission, it’s no surprise that at Mission Equality, we’re very intentional about who we work with. On our Equaliversity website we say:

“We support startups, non-profits and forward-thinking organisations to create equality at all levels – individually, collectively and systemically – using progressive education as a driver of change.”

But what does that mean in practice? Here’s what we said in a recent proposal:

We want to find values- and mission-aligned organisations who are as deeply committed to creating an equal world as we are to:

  • Create workplaces that provide the safe and equal working environments needed to nurture and facilitate everyone’s potential, equally.

  • Create an ever-increasing number of ‘Equality Alliances’ of organisations across the globe, to give people a viable alternative to capitalism.

  • Create enough Equality Alliances that demonstrate a very real possibility to move away from capitalism and towards Equalism, at a systemic level.

Our work focuses on supporting organisations - in a consulting and/or learning-driven capacity - to create workplaces that operate from a foundation of equality, as we have achieved at Mission Equality.

By forming collective groups of organisations - we call these Equality Alliances - committed to creating ecosystems of equality, we aim to drive the growth of an alternative and viable systemic approach (Equalism) to capitalism and inspire more and more people to do business differently.

It’s with this vision in mind that we support organisations who are looking to build truly ‘people first’ workplaces and, with our support, form or join their own Equality Alliance for themselves and their people.

Our Working Principles:

When working with an organisation, our work is guided and informed by the following principles:

  • We hold anti-racism and equality as foundational values, across everything we do.

  • We work with organisations at the individual and collective level, with the goal of supporting impact and change at the systemic level.

  • We communicate with values of transparency, clarity, directness and kindness.

  • We work from the paradigms of trust and freedom, rather than power and control.

If this resonates, we could be the perfect partner for you. We promise to encourage you to expand your thinking as you move forward on the path to equality.

Check out our suite of educational programmes for organisations and leaders where we share the lessons we’ve learned about creating equality within an organisation.

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