How We're Planning To Create An Alternative To Capitalism

We recently talked about our mission: solving inequality, discrimination, oppression and harm – and an unsustainable way of living and working – by building an alternative ecosystem to capitalism, that we call Equalism.

But how exactly do we plan to do that? As we mentioned, it’s a three-step process:

  1. Create a vision of equality.

  2. Individually & collectively equip people with the skills to lead to and create equality.

  3. Build an ecosystem that facilitates and upholds equality, for everyone.

Here’s a bit more detail on what that looks like…

Step 1: Create A Vision Of Equality

It’s hard to imagine an alternative when you’re stuck in the status quo.

We’ve been building our own alternative - a micro-ecosystem of equality at work - at Mission Equality for the best part of 3 years now, which began at our former startup in 2020.

We share more of what this looks like, feels like and how we operate to inspire and motivate others to create their own vision of and ecosystems of equality around them in our Black Paper on Equalism.

Step 2: Build The Skills To Lead To Equality

Very few of us (if any) have lived experiences of equality or a clear vision of what it looks like; nor how we can even begin to achieve it. And we’re not taught the skills we need to create it.

Our Equaliversity bridges this skills gap. The Equaliversity is a virtual university – accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – designed specifically for organisations to equip their people with the skills needed to develop and nurture a culture and a workforce with equality at the core.

From our work today with progressive organisations around the world we have seen an urgent need for people at all levels of an organisation to use and excel at capabilities and skillsets such as emotional management, communication, leadership, change management, visionary thinking, and achieving equality. If everyone we worked with excelled at these skills, imagine what we could achieve together?

Our product roadmap includes a full suite of progressive education programmes to facilitate the unlearning and relearning and upskilling necessary to lead to, build for and thrive in equality. For you, your leadership team and for all the people in your organisation.

Step 3: Build A Working Ecosystem Of Equality

As we said earlier, very few of us have experienced equality – especially in the world of work. The more examples of equality that exist, the more people can:

  • Believe that it’s possible.

  • Understand that it’s achievable.

  • Experience that it’s beneficial, for everyone. No one loses out with equality.

That’s why our third step is to replicate and expand examples of equality so that Equalism is seen as a viable alternative to capitalism. This is, we believe, one possible path to equality…

Our goal is to build and prototype new ecosystems that we can operate within alongside other mission-aligned organisations – who share similar values, principles and goals – across which all our people can exist, work and thrive, safely and, above all, equally.

We call these ecosystems “Equality Alliances”.

Are you curious about how Mission Equality can support you to lead your organisation to equality and be at the forefront of building your own ecosystem of equality around you? Get in touch!

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