The Path To Equality: Step 1

Creating A Vision Of Equality For Your Workplace

In today’s video, Mission Equality co-founder Lea Jovy follows up on the three steps we’ve defined to pave a path to equality in the workplace with a deeper dive into step 1.

The Path To Equality: Step 1 And Creating A Vision Of Equality For Your Workplace Transcript

Hello, today I want to talk a little bit more about step one on the path to equality which is creating a vision for equality. 

And it's so important that we have these kinds of conversations because if we're looking for systemic change, if we're looking to significantly impact the systems that we all live in and the inequality and the oppression and the harm that many of us experience, we need to start from within. 

And certainly when it comes to the workplace we need to look at how we operate in our own organisations - how we can do that from a foundation of equality and what that actually looks like in practice and what that means for the people within our organisation and for ourselves as senior leaders.

That looks like exploring things like company structure/ hierarchy. It looks like asking ourselves: is this designed from a foundation of equality? It looks like exploring elements of our organisation and how we do business like salary, value exchange, benefits, compensation, ,working practices, flexible working.

For us at Mission Equality it's about leaving no stone unturned and exploring every single facet of how we operate and how we do business and asking ourselves: are we doing this from a foundation of equality and if not how can we do that? And that is something that we work with other organisations in terms of the way they operate internally so that they can also start to show up and have a a greater impact externally and some of those ripples of change can ripple out and we can create bigger ecosystems around us of equality. 

And that's certainly the kind of goal that we have at Mission Equality so that we can actually start to effect real systems change and give ourselves and create for ourselves a real viable alternative to the systems that we operate within today.

Visit the Mission Equality and Equaliversity websites to see our vision for equality and the action we’re taking and supporting to bring an equal world into being.

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